Nuclear Research and Capacity building

1.1 Existing infrastructure resources potential

1.2 Access rules to infrastructure

1.3 Program of research structure development 

1.4 Report from WP1 meeting 1

1.5 Report from WP1 meeting 2

1.6 Report from WP1 meeting 3

1.7 Education and training course

1.8 SWOT analysis

1.9 Regulatory framework and licensing procedures

1.10 Roadmap to Baltic region cooperation


Regional cooperation on nuclear waste and fuel cycle

2.1 SNF/RW database and regional waste treatment

2.2 Environmental impact of NFC in Baltic region

2.3 Regional competencies for R&D on sustainable nuclear fuel cycles.

2.4 Regional integration of NFC options


Role of nuclear energy in long-term sustainable energy supply in the Baltic region.

3.2 Current power systems in Baltic region

3.4 Elaboration of tools for demonstrative analysis

3.5 Analysis of role of nuclear power in energy system

3.6 Impact of nuclear energy on energy security

3.7 Training on energy system modelling


Macroeconomic impact on nuclear programs

4.1 Collaborative nuclear program in Baltic region

4.2 Challenges and opportunities for local industry

4.3 Model of macroeconomic effect of new Nuclear build


Capacity building through field studies, public communication and results dissemination

5.1 Meeting with wider public in Lithuania N1

5.2 Meeting with wider public in Lithuania N2

5.3. Meeting with a wider public in Poland N1

5.4 Meeting with wider public in Poland N2

5.5 Meeting with a wider public in Estonia N1

5.6 Meeting with a wider public in Estonia N2

5.7 Neeting with a wider public in Latvia N1

5.8 Meeting with a wider public in Latvia N2

5.9 Study visit in Oskarshamn N1

5.10 Study visit in Oskarshamn N2

5.11 Study visit in Oskarshamn N3

5.12 Study visit in Oskarshamn N4

5.13 BRILLIANT summer school N1

5.14 BRILLIANT summer school N2

5.15 BRILLIANT Fellowship No1 for EMINE studies

5.16 BRILLIANT Fellowship No2 for EMINE studies

5.17 Master thesis N1 offered by the project

5.18 Master thesis N2 offered by the project

5.19 Master thesis N3 offered by the project

5.20 Mobility of educators

5.21 Educational and promotional visits to schools

5.22 Project website